My Hubby Helps With The Daily Chores!

Yesterday I shared my daily housekeeping chore list. Today I want to share a story of how this list has helped get Hubby’s help. Yes, believe it or not, my daily chore list got him to assist in completing the tasks!

Each night Hubby would announce he was “going up” which means he was heading to bed. I would of course be 20 minutes behind him. One night he asked me “Why don’t you come up with me”? I simply told him there were a few things that needed to be taken care of before I could.

Him: “What are they? Can I Help?”

Me: “Oh that would be great honey. I have a list on the fridge. Whatever isn’t crossed-off.”

Him: (he goes to my list) “Ok, I’ll do this and that.”

Me: “Thanks honey. I would like to get these things done so I can go up with you.”

He helped me that night, and we went up to bed together. That’s all I’ll share – TMI!

And so began Hubby’s habit of checking the list each night before going up to bed.


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