Thrifty Thursday: Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Having messy boys (Hubby & Little Dude) and several critters has made me a pro at keeping my beige, berber carpet spot-free and smell-free. I mostly use home-made solutions to take care of any spots. Most of the cleaning products available in the stores are pricey. Plus, they leave residue – not good for the carpet of the vacuum.

First and foremost, prevention and maintenance is key in keeping your carpets looking new. I regularly vacuum and use my steam cleaner a few times a year.

If there is a mess, clean up the spot/stain ASAP with paper towels or rags. Blot the spot – never rub! Soak up everything you can. And if a scrubbing is needed, for things like mud or peanut butter, use a soft bristled brush (or even a tooth brush).

After that, I use one of the three home made cleaning solutions:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: mixed with water (half and half) cleans organic spots and stains like blood, coffee and juice (not juice mixes like Kool Ade).
  • Distilled White Vinegar: mixed with water (1c vinegar to 2c water), vinegar makes a fantastic spot cleaner when mixed in a spray bottle. Let it sit for a few minutes on pet urine, then blot with clean rags. This even worked for me on Play-Doh!
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol: I use this when I find a “pee spot” awhile after the incident. Pour alcohol diluted with hot water (half and half) onto the spot, allowing ample time to soak through to the padding. **You don’t want a puddle – just enough solution to get through the whole spot. Blot with rags, getting it as dry as possible. If there is a visible stain after wards, follow-up with the vinegar & water solution.
  • Baking Soda: cleans up oily stains, like salad dressing, by absorbing the oil. Follow-up with one of the above solutions.

After treating any spot or stain, I leave a dry towel on top of the area until it dries. This will keep the area clean while it dries.

I do own a carpet cleaner. When I have to break this out, I use only very hot water – no cleaners or other solutions. Cleaners can leave a residue on the carpet that gets on my pet’s paws which makes me very nervous. Plus, Soap must be rinsed out completely or it will attract dirt and always be a problem. And things like vinegar can gum things up in the machine.

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Remember to never use ammonia on pet stains – smells to similar to urine and may attract your pet back to that spot.

Any other tips or recommendations are appreciated! Just leave me a comment below to share.

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