Easy Lunch Packing with EasyLunchboxes

Packing lunches can be time a real pain.  Zip top disposable bags, aren’t very practical for a lot of different foods.  Stainless steel lunch containers can get really expensive.   Lots of plastic options contain BPA and other harmful chemicals.  EasyLunchboxes to the rescue!

Easylunchboxes Are Bento Style Containers: BPA, Lead, Vinyl & PVC free.

They are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.  They “nest” so storage is a breeze.  Available in sets of 4, each with a different color lid – which is great for color coding lunches for your family.

Each container has 3 compartments…1 large and 2 small. Just the right size for a sandwich, some carrot and celery sticks, and crackers or chips – or a salad, toppings (croutons, bacon, bits, cheese), and dressing.  Although they are not considered leak proof, the seals fit very snugly, and I’ve never had any problems with leakage with mine.  Great for both children and adults. Washable cooler bags are also available, in 7 beautiful colors. Each cooler bag will easily hold  1 or 2 containers along with a small thermos, and an ice pack, with enough room to spare for an apple, or banana.

I no longer have children to pack school lunches for, but I find that Easylunchboxes containers are perfect for pre-portioned meals for me and my husband.  I can cook just a few times a week, and have ready made meals all week long.  We also use them whenever we travel. We no longer spend a lot of money on restaurants, and we eat food that is better for us.

At Easylunchboxes, there is a fantastic photo gallery, along with a link to the EasyLuncboxes blog, where you can read posts that run the gamut from hysterically funny, to very educational.

Economical, environmentally friendly, fun to use..but I’ve got ONE BIG PROBLEM with them – my family keeps taking mine, so I have to keep re-stocking!


  1. I use these for my kids’ lunches and love them!

  2. This is such an awesome idea.This truly might be the most fantastic thing I’ve seen in a LONG time! Love it!

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