Menu Planning Tutorial Part 6: Your Grocery List

Your Grocery List

grocery listToday we are going to talk about how to create your grocery list. Start planning your meals according to that is on sale at the grocery store each week. You would look through the store’s circular, or “weekly ad,” which can usually be found in the local Sunday paper as well as on the grocery store’s website.

If the store is running a sale on whole chickens, you may want to buy several and plan on having roasted chicken, chicken stir-fry and a chicken casserole that week. If ground beef was on sale, you may want to plan for meals such as meatloaf, spaghetti, tacos, and chili.

Once you have decided on the meals you would like to make, write out the ingredients you need to make those meals. If some of your meals need the same ingredients, write-out a tally, such as 6 pounds of hamburger.

Next, go through the items you already have on hand and cross those off the list. As you are looking through your cupboards, take a moment to add any staples to your list that you are running out of, such as flour or sugar. Now that you know exactly what you need from the store, you’re ready to go shopping.

Stay tuned – you’re not done yet. Tomorrow we’ll talk storage.

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