An E-mail A Day Keeps The Clutter Away

In early 2010 I decided I needed to get more organized. My house was clean, but cluttered. I searched online for a solution. I found several sites that help with household management, but the one I found most useful was House Honcho.

House Honcho Web PageThe web page slogan is “Home Management Made Simple.”  That was exactly what I wanted, something simple, easy to follow, but made a big difference!

Daily To-Do List

I signed up for the Daily To-Do List. It is an email that is sent once a day. Each day focuses on a different area or room in the house. And Sunday is a day of fun or rest. There is usually 9 items on the list, divided into simple, intermediate, and challenging tasks.You just pick ANY 3 tasks to do each day and you should see an improvement in your home, which should lead to an improvement in organization, your available time, financial resources, and in your level of stress.

Depending on the time I had available, I might pick the easy things, like clean out the messiest drawer, or wipe all counter tops and other days I would pick more time consuming items such as clean the ceiling fan or scrub the carpet. Most days were mix and match.

The to-do list also included seasonal reminders and holiday countdowns to keep you on your toes!   For instance the email I received yesterday mentioned Father’s Day.

Enticed By The Site

Several things drew me to the House Honcho  site.

  • The writer was a woman of faith and that matters to me.
  • She was a professional working full time and also loved her home.
  • She didn’t act or sound perfect, but like a real person just like you and I.
  • Her solution was in bite size chunks that I could relate to and actually do, plus they were emailed to me every day.

I felt a connection to the writer and she was addressing the exact problems and issues I was dealing with.

The Woman Behind The Blog

House Honcho is run by Trisha Priebe. When I first started following House Honcho, I did not know who was running the site. I just knew the daily emails were helping me.

Trisha Priebe

Trisha Priebe

About a year later, Trisha revealed she was House Honcho and the person behind the site. When asked why she kept her identity a secret, she responded, “I wanted honest feedback from my friends and family. I was afraid if they knew it was ‘Trisha’s blog’ they would support it out of love (the way a mom puts her child’s paintings on the fridge even if they’re awful). Many of my friends follow mom blogs and/or house blogs, so I knew that they would be straightforward in their assessment of it if they had no idea it was mine. I knew the blog was successful when I was sitting at a Christmas party and the people at my table began discussing this new blog called ‘House Honcho.’ Someone turned and asked if I had heard of it. ‘Yes! I have’!”

Then the fun began. She announced she was behind House Honcho and we had the privilege of learning more about Trisha, her struggles and her triumphs.  Trisha was adopted at a young age and  has adopted two sons.  She has written many posts on the process of adoption, its rewards, and some of the problems and frustrations.

I remember many an evening when I would be reading her blog with tears in my eyes as she dealt with the waiting for a baby and the thrill of learning their child was available to adopt.  Then the long wait for paperwork and other issues of the adoption to be resolved.  During that time she and her husband, Luke, wrote a book about patience titled Trust, Hope, Pray.

Professional Woman With A Dark Secret!

Trisha describes herself as a professional woman with a dark secret!  She loves home management.  Keeping an organized home is her hobby.

Trisha believes that homemaking makes a difference. A well-run home lends order to an otherwise chaotic world. Time and energy are conserved when items are found where they should be. Health and wellness is preserved when the house is clean.

She blogs about everything in the home from recipes, cleaning tips, organization, adoption, childrearing, decorating, and more.

House Honcho and Trisha have come a long way since the early days.  Along the way a few things caught her off guard. She told me, “I am surprised by the incredible support that people (like you!) have given me along the way. We should hit 70,000 hits on the blog this month, and that’s pretty amazing! In a culture that doesn’t seem to value homemakers the way it once did, I am encouraged that so many people still care about keeping house. Managing the home has many benefits.”

One would think Trisha always wanted to live in a white picket fence setting with the perfect home, but she said, “Growing up, I wanted to live in a high rise apartment in a city that never sleeps. I love the sound of traffic outside my window and wanted to wake up to it every morning. I loved the concept of walking or hailing taxis to get around town. Then I had kids. Now I love the idea of buying a house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cornfields perhaps. I’ve come full circle.”

Future Plans

House Honcho and the Daily To-Do Emails have had a huge impact on keeping the clutter at bay. An email a day truly does keep the clutter away. I was wondering what Trisha had in mind for the future of House Honcho.  Her response, “Great question! I think about this often. Above all, I want the site to be useful to people. I am hoping at some point to join efforts with other blogs or bloggers in a more formal way.”

We can’t wait to see what tidbits of advice Trisha and House Honcho dish up next!

House Honcho has been most helpful to me, perhaps House Honcho could help you too. You can also connect with Trisha on Facebook and Twitter.

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