Daily Housekeeping Chore List

Routine, schedule, habit, procedure, formula – whatever you want to call it, you need to create a daily housekeeping chore list. In order to have a clean, organized and comfortable home, you need to maintain on a daily basis. So you must have a list of things that must be done on a daily basis.

Create A Daily Housekeeping Chores List

Some like to create morning and evening routines, but I prefer to have one list. It’s simple to read and follow. So grab a pen and paper and a cuppa something and follow these simple guidelines to create your list.

1. Make a list of the rooms in your home. Then think about you and your family use these rooms: how often are they used? what activities happen there? how messy does it get throughout the day?

2. List all the chores that need to be done on a daily basis that will keep each room tidy. This is not a cleaning list – this is a list of the basic tasks that you feel are necessary to keep your room tidy enough to be comfortable and usable. Keep this list easy!

I’m going to share with you my daily housekeeping chore list so you can get started with yours.

Living Room/Dining Room

  • General tidy-up
  • Wipe down tables
  • Swiffer® floors


  • Empty sink – fill/run/empty dishwasher as needed
  • Wipe down counter, sink and stove top
  • Swiffer® floor
  • Change hand towel


  • General tidy-up
  • Swiffer® floor


  • General Tidy-up
  • Wipe down sink counter and toilet
  • Swiffer® floors
  • Change hand towels


  • Make beds
  • General tidy-up
  • Put away clean clothes


  • Sort mail
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Scoop litter box
  • Laundry (sort/wash/dry/fold/put-away)
  • General tidy-up in family room

I keep my daily housekeeping chores list on my fridge so I can refer to it all day long. It’s printed-out and hung in a sheet protector. During the day, I refer to my list and cross-things off with a dry-erase marker as I do them. I spend 5-minutes here-and-there throughout my day getting things done.

Each night before I end my day, I complete the chores left on my list. (With the exception of putting away laundry – I wouldn’t want to wake up my son if he’s already in bed.) Then once my list is completed, I can relax and read a book, spend some time on the computer, watch TV with Hubby, or go to bed (sometimes with Hubby – wink, wink).

Here are a couple other things to keep in mind when creating your own daily chore list:

1. General tidy-up means to put toys or games away, refold throws, fluff & place pillows, put away clothes, put garbage in the trash can, etc.  – in general, put things where they belong.

2. I have a combo living room & dining room (aka great room) and this is where we spend the most time during the day, so it has a tendency to be the messiest. We also have a family room in the basement where the movies and video games are, but don’t use this room as much (really, it’s Hubby’s Man Cave). Your home set-up and room use may be different so create your list accordingly.

3. I Swiffer® the floors everyday because I have laminate or tile flooring in all the main areas of the house. I also have two dogs, two cats, a little boy and a big boy (Hubby), so it gets dirty & dusty everyday. I don’t like to leave dust bunnies laying around because they will eventually turn into tumble weeds. But this is a personal preference. Depending on the use of your rooms, you may or may not need to include sweeping or vacuuming on a daily basis.

4. I scoop the litter box every-day because I have a particularly picky cat. Some households with cats only need to do this every-other day or twice a week.

Again, I want to stress that your daily housekeeping list should be the tasks you feel is necessary to keep your rooms comfortable and usable for your family. List the chores that you think will make the room “good enough” so you can enjoy the rooms. Do not make a list that contains chores that your Mother did, or your neighbor does on a daily basis. This list should be customized to your family and how you use the rooms in your home.

Now go make your own daily housekeeping chores list. Or if you have one already, evaluate how it’s working for you and make adjustments  you thinks may be needed. And please, let me know how you do!

PS: If you’ve posted your daily housekeeping list on your blog, please share in the comments. We can all learn from each other!


  1. I so need to come up with a daily housekeeping chore list. It would help tremendously. Thanks for sharing yours.

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