Monday Motivation: Office Desk Drawers

Today we’re going to organize our desk drawers in our office.

These drawers in my home end up being my catch all, as living in a tiny apartment presents a true organizational challenge daily.


1. Empty. Open your drawer, and put everything into a pile in the middle of the floor (near to your desk drawer).

2. Clean.  Wipe out the drawers so that we can have a nice clean slate.

3. Sort. Create the following piles; Keep, Toss, Giveaway, Move.

  • Keep – you want items that you intend to keep in the space to go into this pile. For me, I’ve tried to keep items that I need on a ‘daily’ basis or even just use very often. Certain items like extra ink etc. though not a daily item, I have left in this drawer anyway.
  • Toss – anything that is no longer useful as it is broken, or just junk (old receipts, bills, candy, all the randoms!) I had quite a bit of this, old ticket stubs, bits and pieces of paper and receipts.
  • Giveaway – Good usable condition items that no longer fit your lifestyle and need a new home. This could be a tape measure you no longer use, stationery, pencils, duplicate items. For me I had extra pens in there that were in usable condition and just contributing to clutter so I sent them to school with my daughter for use in her classroom.
  • Move – these are items, which don’t belong in this drawer. Set them aside to be placed into the right area in your house. My printer paper, control journal all fell into this category, I removed these items. The printer paper went into longer term storage in my linen closet and my control journal became part of my ‘in’ basket on my desk.

4. Packaway. Once you have sorted all items, pack everything into your ‘junk drawer’. I got these great drawer organizers in my local $1 store. They came in very handy to compartmentalize everything.

Enjoy your newly organized area!




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