Monday Motivation: Tackling Closet Reorganization

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When we moved into our home almost two years ago, there was one thing in particular I was extremely excited about: separate closets in the master bedroom! I was back to having my own walk-in space, reminiscent of my pre-maritial days of living on my own. I was free to hang up all my clothes, hangers facing the same direction, similar colors grouped together, and not have to worry about anyone coming in and messing up what I thought were my supreme organizational tactics.

Also, I was spared from the daily reminder that I had entirely too many articles of clothing!

Fast forward to the present day and, as can be expected of a woman who has fluctuated her size up and down through two pregnancies, I’ve accumulated even more clothing, a few more pairs of shoes and entirely too much “stuff” piled on the builder-grade racks.

On top of that, I have been relying on the additional drawer and closet storage in our guest bedroom, a bedroom that will soon be transformed into our son’s big boy room thanks to the pending arrival of our daughter this summer.

More stuff + less storage = the obvious need to re-examine what I thought were “supreme organizational tactics” and get serious about optimizing the space in my walk-in closet.

Where to begin

closet organization worksheetOften times when tackling a reorganization project, the most difficult thing to do is actually get started. I stood in my closet many, many times, looking around and knowing I needed to be taking better advantage of the space and just wondering where to start. This printable worksheet makes it easy for you to consider all of the important things necessary in a step-by-step format, while keeping all your information like measurements and trouble spots in one location.

I roughly drew my closet, took my measurements, assessed my trouble spots and then skipped a few steps and went straight to purging.

Out with the old and unused

I demonstrated some tough love with the items in my closet. If I haven’t worn or used the item in a year, I tossed it into a donate pile. I got rid of a ton of stuff – clothes, shoes, purses, scarves and belts were all removed along with a lot of random stuff that had some how found a home in my closet.

The reason I purged at this step in the game was to enable myself to better identify how much stuff I was working with. Fortunately, I was left with significantly less items to organize and store, so I’m hoping the remainder of this project will go smoother than I thought.

Leveraging online resources

The remainder of my motivation is going to be less what I’ve done and more what I’m planning to do, as I am still mid-way through this closet reorganization. I have found that with most of my home projects, allowing myself the freedom to take my time and not rush decisions or processes make even the most challenging of tasks a lot more manageable.

At this point, I took to the internet to catalog some inspirational images and ideas from bloggers’ successful closet reorganizations. Here are some of my favorites that motivate me to go from a cluttered, disorganized mess to something more like these:

Sonjas closet creativity exchange closet honey & fitz closet

iheartorganizing closetTips and tricks

When reorganizing your closet, don’t forget about the fun, aesthetic details that can make your space vibrant and personalized!

Wallpaper is an excellent way to spruce up the walls behind your clothes as demonstrated here:

Re-purposing pieces that may typically be used in other places in your home can make storage for jewelry and hand bags easier to display in an attractive, functional manner:

silverwear trays shower hooks

honey & fitz nursery closetA fun mirror, chandelier or rug can also spruce up a closet space that you can walk into.

If you have sliding doors, think about replacing them with curtains to add to the look of your bedroom.

What other tips have you used when reorganizing your closet?

Are there any other tools on the internet that you’ve leveraged to help plan or execute your project?

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