Ways to Keep the House Looking Tidy

by Shannon Miller

Having kids can be hard on a house. Having five kids cam be dangerous on a house. That’s why I have come up with these few simple steps for a tidier house. I have sat the kids down and went over these sets with them so they will know the rules and what they are expected to do.

1. If they get out a toy/game they can not get out another one until the first one is put away. I mean out away where it goes. We don’t let up on these rules. So everything has its place and needs to go there.

2. If a toy/game is left out and they bring out another toy/game, then that child has to put away all his toys and loses his play time for a while.

3. If they take off shoes, coats, book bags, ect. Those items are put away immediately. Not later or in a minute but right then. That way when they go looking for that particular item they know exactly where to go and find it. It also helps the look of the house.

4.I have set a time out every week that we all as a family check under beds, toy boxes, closets, drawers, or any where there can be trash or odds and ends that don’t belong at that particular place and we place it where it goes. I know that kids will not be perfect and will tend to put things in the first place they come to. So that is the reason behind the once a week look through.

5. Organization is the number one key factor in having a tidy house. Try to organize toys, games, and coloring books in their own special place. That way when its time to put away the toy/game the kids know where exactly to put it. If you allow them to just have everything piled in one area then it will get junky looking really fast. I feel organization can be helpful with this.

6. If a toy is broke at our house it goes in the trash. Even if its my child’s favorite toy I have to throw it away. Sometimes I have to hide it but it goes straight into the trash. A broken toy isn’t going to help anyone. It might even hurt someone.

7. We have a rule here at our house for every two toys that are brought into this house a old toy has to go out. That way we don’t get over populated with toys and have no place to put them. I like every other parent want my children to have every toy on the market but room just does not allow it. I am very firm on this. The kids do learn to share and compromise. It also allows them to make decisions on their own.

If you go by these simple rules and be sure to go over them with the little ones can make a BIG difference in the looks of your home. Just discipline your self and the kids to follow these rules and you will be well on your way to a tidier home.

Shannon Miller is the mom of 5 children. Stop by her sites and share in her experiences as a parent. www.parentingfroma-z.com and www.asthmainfosite.com

Article Source: http://www.ladypens.com

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