My New Calendar

I bought my new calendar this week. Yes, it’s based on the academic year running from July 2009 through December 2010. I purchased it at Staples, using a coupon from the weekly sales circular ($5 off purchase of $20 or more) so it was only $6.99. I get the same calendar each year.

Here’s My Calendar and How I Use It

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First of all, let me just say that I’m giddy that it’s pink! It matches my phone – LOL, I’m such a girl!

But seriously, it’s just the right size to fit in my purse (6″ x 9″) so I always have it with me. It fits any necessary papers that I need to carry with me, folded in half.

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It has a monthly view for each month. This is where I record all family appointments and activities. I use the notes section on the side for reminders like ‘purchase gift for Bobby’ or ‘schedule Dr Taylor’.

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The weekly view pages are directly behind that month’s monthly view. I use the weekly view for my business needs. I schedule appointments, maintain my editorial calendar, and note important to-d0s.

A few tricks I have for using this calendar:

  • There are pages at the back of the calendar to store important numbers I need at any given time, such as the pediatrician, AAA and the vet. Even though these numbers are stored in my cell phone, you never know when it’s out of juice. I like to be prepared.
  • I keep a small 4″ x 6″ notepad right behind the front cover – you never know when you need to take note of a website, directions or even an idea for a blog post.
  • I use a small binder clip to hold the front pages together so that I can turn to the current month easily.
  • I ‘dog eared’ the time zone reference page so I can turn to that quickly (I’m geographically challenged and can never remember what states are in which time zones)
  • The only information I fill-in on the ‘Personal Information’ page is my name, email address and cell phone number. Nothing else – because if I do happen to leave it somewhere I don’t want ALL my personal information revealed.

You may be wondering why I don’t use ‘planner’. I just don’t need one and they are a little too complicated. I have a household binder (I call my Standard Operating Procedures or SOP) and a business binder (also called SOP) that contains all information I need. But that information is not necessary to carry with me everywhere on a daily basis. If I do need to take something with me, I bring just that. There is no reason to carry my cleaning schedule with me to the pediatrician.

When I was a working girl, meaning I worked outside of my home, I did carry a planner with me. I had lots of information that I needed on a regular basis that was included in the planner. But instead of purchasing refills each year, I used one of these calendars. I used it the same way too: family appointments/activities on the monthly view; business on the weekly view. It’s small enough to fit in the planner, plus I saved money by not having to purchase the refills. I did occasionally purchase note-page refills, but they were the Staples brand.

Another question you may be asking is where is your daily action plan (aka: to do list)? That’s easy! I write my daily action plan on a 4″x6″ lined sticky note. I make my plan each night and stick it on the weekly page I’m currently on. This keeps my list handy and in place. Plus, because it’s only so-many lines, I keep my list manageable and never overwhelm myself.

So there you have it – my calendar. How I use it and why I love it. If you have any questions about my calendar or about time management in general, please leave a comment. Or you could send me an email (link is in my side bar) or call me at 888-345-7181. You never know – your comment or question could be a future topic on my blog or podcast!

Also, just a little linkie love – I did an interview with Marie from the Mommy Community Podcast. Take a listen!


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