HELP – I'm Trapped Inside With A Toddler

UGH! It’s been raining and raining here in NJ for the past few weeks. And there is more in the forecast for the next 3 days!

Sure the grass is nice and green, but my geraniums have been beat-up, my pansies are a mess, the lettuce and spinach in the veggie garden are mush, and the strawberries are making jam on their own.

But worse – we’ve been stuck in the house for days. Sure we head outside when we can, but Little Dude is going stir crazy! We’ve played every game at least 5 times. We’ve done every puzzle in the house. And the coloring books are on their last pages.

I’m calling out to my interwebz peeps – HELP!

Share in the comments your favorite rainy day activity. I need something new to do! Provide suggestions to those of us in the NY/NJ area that are feeling like drown rats and need something to keep the kids busy!

PS: I’m “Do Follow” so link love is provided :)

And spread the word – If there is enough interest and sharing, maybe we’ll vote on favorite and creative activities and give away some prizes!

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