March To-Do List

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WOW – I can’t believe it’s March already. One of my favorite months – my Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day are this month!

Let’s start this month right with some proper planning. Grab your calendar, a note pad and a pencil and let’s get to it!

Check birthdays for the month and make note to buy presents and/or cards. (Mine’s on the 15th, a free ecard will be nice – LOL)

March is National Nutrition Month. Try to evaluate the meals you make for your family and start making modifications for a healthier meal plan!

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is Saturday, March 6 – this week they’ll make a birdhouse rain gauge.

March 9th is Organize Your Home Office Day. I personally have big plans for this day. Because of a lot of changes here in the house, I need new office space. So this month’s project is just that – a new office space for me! Stay tuned – I’ll share pictures.

Daylight Savings Time Begins March 14 – set your clocks an hour ahead. And it’s time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide detectors and flashlights. Need batteries? Add them to your shopping list!

St. Patrick’s Day is just 2 weeks away! Are you celebrating? What are you cooking? Even if you’re not Irish, a festive dinner is lots of fun (especially the beer). Did you know it’s super easy to cook corned beef in a slow cooker? Here are some more free recipes for you from my pal Christine, “The Menu Mom”.

March 20th is the first day of Spring! If you are going to have a garden, it is time to start planning what you want to plant and create your shopping list of supplies you will need.

March 25th is National Let Go Of Stuff Day – mark your calendar and join me for a day of purging!

National Cleaning Week starts march 28th. Stay tuned – I’ve got something planned!

Easter is right around the corner – April 4th. Start thinking about your plans for the holiday. Do you have the kid’s Easter outfits? Are you cooking?

So did I miss anything to do this month? Let me know!

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