Toddler Tuesday (Tuesday's Tips)

I mentioned on my recent talk show that the only theme I use when planning my family meals is Toddler Tuesday. You’ll notice in this weeks menu plan I listed his choices. Well for Tuesday’s Tip Jar (hosted at BlogMommas) I thought I’d share more toddler tips that have worked for me. To be honest, Little Dude will be 4 in September, but Preschooler Tuesday doesn’t sound right!


  • I keep a zip-close sandwich bag in my purse with crayons and a small notepad. This way, Little Dude can color wherever we go. (Came in handy recently at the DMV!)
  • I also keep a few Bob The Builder cars in my glove box in case I need to keep him entertained unexpectedly while we’re out and about.

Snack Time

  • I filled a drawer in my fridge with pre-cut and ready to eat treats just for him such as cut-up carrots and celery, cheese sticks, snack bags of grapes, and juice boxes. He feels self sufficient because he can just go pick-out a snack all by himself. I do have to check to make sure he closed the drawer and fridge door.
  • I also have a box in my pantry of single-serve and ready to eat treats. Once a week I pre-bag items like graham crackers, raisins, popcorn and peanut butter pretzel sandwiches. (A box of Annie’s Bunny Grahms fills 6 snack-size zip top baggies) I also keep fruit snacks, cereal bars and mini muffins ready for him to grab.

Meal Time

  • Not only does my son use a plastic plate and cup at meal times, so do hubby and I. I purchased a set meant to be used outside for picnics for all of us to use on a daily basis. This way, when Little Dude helps clean off the table, I don’t have to worry about dropped plates or bowels shattering all over the floor.
  • I created space in my cupboard where he can reach the plastic dishes and cups so he can help me set the table too.

Bed Time

  • I put Little Dude’s pajamas (aka jammies) in the bottom drawer of his dresser. This way, each night he can pick-out his jammies all by himself.
  • I keep his hamper right next to his dresser so he can easily put his dirty laundry in it.
  • On the door of his bedroom, I’ve hung his chore chart. Each night, before his nightly story, cuddle and tuck-in, we review the day and place stars on on his chore chart.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. Most of these tips help me in trying to raise a self-sufficient boy. Actually, like I’ve said before “I don’t want to be cursed by my future daughter-in-law, so I’m trying to raise a good husband”.

Leave me a  comment with your favorite tip – and don’t forget to participate in Tuesday’s Tip Jar!

PS: This week, Little Dude picked ham and peas for his Toddler Tuesday dinner! Luckily I had a ham steak in the freezer. Much better choice than chicken nuggets or fish sticks – right?


  1. I really like that idea of making a snack drawer in the fridge with pre-cut goodies – I may have to do that!
    .-= Becki@BlogMommas´s last blog ..Tuesday’s Tip Jar =-.

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