Fantastic Apps for Household Organization

I am a paper and pen – check off a list – kind of person, but I may just be a minority.  With the explosion of smart phones, and smart phone users, many people would rather keep everything tucked away electronically.  So, I’ve been doing some searching for some of the best home/household organization apps.

A Few Home Organization Apps that I found:

I may have to try out HomeRoutines (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch $3.99).  This app claims to have taken the best ideas from a number of popular “housework systems”, and improved on them and then rolled them improvements into one.  Since FlyLady is mentioned as one of the systems, I’m thinking that this will be a winner. Create routines, set goals, list most important tasks, manage and schedule routine cleaning in specific areas of your home.  You are able to give yourself gold stars for completion of work.

Cozi is a free online/mobile app (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), that can be used to create a family calendar, family journal, shopping lists, to do lists, and menus.  This  one is easy to use, and you can choose to go completely electronic, or you can print out your information.  Multiple family members can use this together.  Send a grocery list to your husband, send reminders of appointments to your high schoolers, coordinate with other calendars etc.

Awesome Note ( iPhone $3.99, iPad $4.99) is really visually appealing to me. You can create as many folders as you like, to keep track of just about anything and everything…lists, important dates, craft projects, travel logs – your imagination seems to be the only limit to this one.  Free Lite versions are also available to try out.

BillMinder (iPhone $1.99, iPad $4.99) keeps track of all your bills, and reminds you to pay them, along with keeping track of your expenses.  Can be synced with other family members.  If you tend to have to pay fees for late payments – this app will pay for itself 10 fold.

Remember The Milk  is a versatile all purpose app that’s FREE.  It can be used with GMail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Outlook, BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone/iPad. Color coded system, to keep track of anything and everything that you need to remember.  Siri, the cow, will remind you, so that you never forget to pick up the milk, your dry cleaning, your mother-in-laws birthday, your son’s orthodontist appointment, or to take out the trash…how mooooovalous is this!

Apps are making our lives easier all the time – what are some of your favorite organizational apps?

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