This Weeks Focus – Jan 29 – Feb 3

I’m so exhausted – today was draining. It seems as if everything happens all at once, doesn’t it? Too much to do, so little time.

This week’s focus for me is to double-check my routines and to be sure use my calendar. I’m going to take some time and write in all the birthdays and anniversaries. I’m going to write in the appointments that I know about. And I’m going to make certain that I check my calendar before committing to anything.

So often we say YES to things when we’re on the phone without our planner or calendar in front of us. “Do you want to have a play date Tuesday?” or “Can you bring something to the bake sale?”. Why did I say YES when I have a jam-packed week? Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, Wednesday little man has his bi-annual evaluation at the hospital, Thursday and Friday we’re going to be away visiting my father-in-law and Sunday we’re entertaining for the Super Bowl (Go Giants!).

We all need to start using the power that our calendars can give us. That is the power to not overwhelm ourselves. This weeks mission is to set-up your calendar (or buy one if you have to) and begin using it every day!

Now, for some link love:

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  1. You’re so right about power to not overwhelm ourselves.
    I saw a really cool Post-It calendar today at Office Depot but knew that if I could just find some good templates online I could probably print out a nice monthly calendar for free :-) I’m currently working on my organization skills right now, and the calendar plays a big part!


  1. [...] though a few weeks ago we focused on using our calendars, and we’ve focused on creating routines for ourselves, this is different. Time management is [...]

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