Wordless Wednesday: Veterans Day & Rememberance Day

(source: dunno – I’ve had this on my computer for quite some time)

Thank You for protecting the American dream and serving our country.

Thank you and sending kisses and hugs to:

  • My Little Brother, currently serving in the Army (hoo-ah!)
  • My Father-In-Law, Army Vet
  • My Grandpa Jack, Navy Vet
  • My Uncle Jackie, Navy Vet
  • My Uncle Ken, Marine Vet

And Thank You, Canadian Troops, for protecting the dreams and freedoms of my friends up North.

OK, not really wordless, but I get wordy when I’m feeling mushy!

PS: There is a great post by TheHappyHousewife that lists ways to support our troops. I loved her quote: “Not everyone is able to serve in our Armed Forces, but everyone can serve our Armed Forces.”

PSS: If you are a Veteran or Active Duty, check out TheThriftyMama for a list of freebies available just for you!

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